I would like to acknowledge the professionalism that Risk Protection Group provide. The standards of their guards is beyond standards. We’ve been using Risk Protection Group  now for over 3 years.  Due to the nature of our business, Risk Protection Group  were able to source guards that were suitable for our environment and our customers too. Not only are they great at being a guard, but the customer service that they provide are beyond the call  of duty.

I can honestly say, I’m yet to find another company that can provide this type of service.  On many occasions, I’ve had to call for a guard urgently and the turnaround response has been more than amazing.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Risk Protection Group for your venue or company.

Rob Rabba
Operations Manager

We wanted to pass on a commendation. We have some experience with event management and security. We were very impressed with all of your security team at the event.
In particular we wanted to single out a young man with a short beard, wearing white sunglasses and ID tag #252. His demeanour, manner and execution was exemplary. Prior to the conclusion of the event we had decided we would write this email. An incident near the end of the main performance confirmed our intent. His handling of a very difficult and challenging attendee in a manner that maximised the enjoyment of all others and minimised the potential impact was outstanding. We have no doubt that many other security personnel would not have been able to contain the incident as proficiently.
James M