Emergency Management

Risk Protection Group can provide extensive crisis and emergency management capabilities. This includes, but is not limited to; crisis/emergency planning and consultancy, emergency response personnel (fire fighting and life-support teams) and rescue team personnel.

RPG specialists can conduct risk and vulnerability assessments on buildings, stadiums or other infrastructure, to determine specific requirements. After comprehensively briefing clients on the assessment, RPG can then construct the emergency management protocols and procedures to Australian Standards AS 3742-2002.

Our emergency response team have extensive experience, both nationally and internationally and are sourced from a diverse background, including; military, law enforcement, fire and rescue services.

We can assist in developing your emergency/crisis response capabilities and/or provide management and operational personnel. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with our specialist consultants.

Emergency Response and Management services include:

  • Crisis management
  • Disaster/emergency planning
  • Emergency/disaster response
  • Rescue personnel and teams
  • Risk/vulnerability assessments
  • Design and implementation of Emergency Procedures
  • Design and implementation of Evacuation Plans
  • Consultancy and training

We can provide crisis and emergency management for the following industry sectors:

  • Events
  • Oil and Gas refineries
  • Transportation
  • Industrial complexes
  • Airports and Maritime ports